westilelowslope2Since 1981, Westile has manufactured quality roofing materials for residential and commercial applications. Westile products are used on both new construction and reroofing projects. The Westile roof tiles are designed to provide years of protection in all climates, coupled with a wide selection of colors and profiles to enhance any architectural style.

Products include:

  • Pedestals: Possibilities are endless when designing and building plaza decks using Westile ScrewJack Pedestals. The ScrewJack system's elevation range of 1/16 inch to 24 inches allows for building plaza decks over almost any sloping or difficult surface.
  • Ballast Paver: Designed to interlock with one another forming a ballast system that effectively secures single-ply roofing membranes. Ballast Paver™ can be used as a walkway, perimeter ballast, or can fully cover a roof for ultimate protection from wind and UV damage.
  • Plaza Paver: Plazas on rooftops and terraces provide practical solutions for maximizing space and building decks over sloping, difficult or uneven surfaces.
  • IPE Wood Paver: Bison Wood Tiles are an untreated, low-maintenance, natural product. Wood tiles have variations in color and grain.

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