SafePro Roof Top Fall Protection1Safe Pro manufactures a variety of rooftop fall protection products. The products are easy to install, no not require any special tools and do not penetrate the roof.

Safe Pro Products include:

  • Roof Hatch Access Door: Roof Hatch Access Doors provide convenient, cost efficient rooftop access, allowing for ladder and stair access to the roof from the interior of the building. Roof Hatch Access Doors are designed and engineered for use over roof openings and are secured from the base flange to the roof for superior durability, safety and ease of installation.
  • Roof Hatch Rails: Safepro’s roof hatch safety rail and ladder extension is a 4-sided rail system with ergonomic hand grip side rails, a self-closing gate with no pinch hinges, and integrated ladder extension rails that will hold steady in the event of a slip during ladder use and comply with OSHA Standards.
  • Hands Free Power Hatch Lift: The HandsFree Power Hatch Lift automatically locks/unlocks, opens/closes and latches the hatch door when a user-programmed code is correctly entered into the standard keypad. The user's name, time and duration of access are tracked, increasing safety and security.
  • Perimeter Rails: SafeGuard serves as a temporary hazard barrace during rooftop construction or for long term applications. Ballasted, Non-Penetrating Steel Bases are built to last and will not void existing rooftop warranty. SafeGuard can be configured as a 4-sided structure to guard skylights and other rooftop fall hazards, or ground-level for multiple uses. Easily customizable Powder-coated system in any color or choose a galvanized finish.

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